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Hi all,
I wanted to give our New York City Wikimedians a heads up for the following event, Wikis Take Manhattan, a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest aimed at illustrating Wikipedia and StreetsWiki articles covering sites and street features in Manhattan and across the five boroughs of New York City. The event is based on last year’s hugely successful Wikipedia Takes Manhattan, and the event organizers have evolved it to include StreetsWiki this year.
Participants begin the hunt from one of two locations: Columbia University (at the sundial on college walk) and one at The Open Planning Project’s West Village office:
349 W. 12th St. #3
Between Greenwich & Washington Streets
By the 14th St./8th Ave. ACE/L stop
Cary Bass,
Volunteer Coordinator
Update!: Interested parties can join the Wikimedia NYC email list at Wikimedia NYC.

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Don’t forget the grand prize – dinner for three with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, at Pure Food and Wine. There’ll also be gift certificates to Bicycle Habitat and the LimeWire Store, and more!

Just to make clear to everyone, you can compete together in teams of up to three, but please only one camera and memory card per team (no special knowledge is required at all, just a digital camera and a love of the city).
Check-in is at 1:00 PM, and we’ll return later for the uploading party at 6:30 PM.
If you want to see which of your fellow Wikipedians/Wikimedians are coming, check out:
Also, you should check out the links from last year’s event:

Hi Cary, I’d like to attend the meet-up.
Hope all is well!

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Hello, greatings from Portugal
Just wanna say a few words…
First, great job with the site Wikipedia & associated sites…
Second, last week I found some offensive article about a Band (I guess that was the opinion of somebody that don’t like that music), anyway…
It take several days before somebody make a change, and it has to be me, and when I did it, I was warn that waht I’ve done, was incorrect, i should register and then change…
You don’t believe in good faith ? Do we still have the truth among us or what?
See ya, bye

There’s a great short video of the event created by Streetfilms here: