Bibliography and Citations of Hausa Folklore

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Due to the fact that some articles in Hausa Wikipedia lack citations and bibliographies, a group of five Hausa Wikimedians proposed a project with Wikicite to improve articles in the Hausa Wikipedia, in such a way that Hausa Wikipedia and Wikimedia activities will able to move towards its goals.

Five Hausa Wikipedia contributors started the project in December 2020 by visiting various private, government and institutional libraries seeking information, which could be added to articles in Hausa Wikipedia as citations.

Top editors during the project

Information, citations and bibliographies were compiled in December. At the end of the project almost 50 new articles were created, and 187 articles were improved by four Wikimedians in the space of four to five days. Also, other existing Hausa Wikipedian contributors were trained on how to organize and on various techniques to follow to create citations and bibliographies in Hausa Wikipedia and in Wikimedia projects at large.

Number of edits during the project

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