Cooperation between the Wikipedia library and Taaghche

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In order to achieve its goal of free and open access to quality resources, Wikipedia volunteers have signed a one-year memorandum of understanding with the Taaghche.

Taaghche is a Persian-language e-book store that offers more than 60,000 books, magazines, newspapers, and audiobooks across three platforms: Android, IOS, and Web.

One of the main objectives of Taaghche is to make it easier and more accessible for Persian-speaking users of the Internet to find and access quality content, and to achieve this, Taaghche began collaborating with the Wikipedia Library in June of this year.

By partnering with Taaghche, a group of selected editors from Wikipedia and Taaghche have access to Taaghche resources for the purpose of publishing content on Wikipedia with the help of Taaghche books. By developing this cooperation, it is our hope that the ability of Persian-speaking people to access valuable and reliable information sources will increase steadily.

The Wikipedia Library team in Iran has added Taaghche to its local partner’s list to gain access to the vital reliable sources that they need to do their work and to be supported in using those resources to improve the encyclopedia. It follows Noormags, Magiran, and Civilica.

Other partnerships with accounts available are listed on The Wikimedia Library partners page.

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