Creative Commons (CC) Ghana Chapter Celebrates CC at 20th Anniversary in Style

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Did you know that Creative Commons licenses have played a crucial role in the development of Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia? As we all know, Wikipedia is one of the largest online knowledge repositories, providing free access to a wide range of articles, images, and videos on virtually every topic. But have you ever wondered how this is made possible? Yes, Creative Commons (CC) licenses has made this a reality. CC licenses allow creators to share their work with the public while retaining control over how their work is used, reused, and distributed. The licenses make it easy for anyone to find and use free content without fear of infringing on a copyright. This is particularly important for Wikimedia projects, which rely on a vast amount of user-generated content to provide free knowledge to the world.

Throughout the year, Creative Commons also launched several initiatives to promote the use of open licenses and to encourage more creators to join the movement. These initiatives included the release of a series of educational videos on the benefits of open licenses and global campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of open access to knowledge and information.

20 years down the lane, CC Ghana Chapter joined in the celebration of Creative Commons’ 20th anniversary with a bang! The event, which was held in person at the Open Foundation West Africa (OFWA) office premises in Accra hosted over 22 participants from the community of creators, advocates, and supporters of the CC movement.

The event was a huge success, rekindling the CC Ghana Chapter community and attracting new members. The event which was initially scheduled for December 2022 happened on 17th Feb 2023.

The celebration was not just about reflecting on the past 20 years but also about looking ahead to the future. Prominent speakers from the CC Ghana Chapter community were present to share their thoughts and insights. They celebrated the successes of the movement and outlined what needs to be done to ensure that Creative Commons continues to thrive in Ghana.

One of the most memorable parts of the event was the musical interludes that followed each session. These provided a moment for reflection and relaxation, and the participants enjoyed them immensely.

The celebration also highlighted the importance of open access to knowledge and information. Felix Nartey, the CC Ghana Chapter lead, led a session dedicated to the introduction of CC Licenses. The session was interactive, and participants had many questions as this was new to most of them. Maxwell Beganim, a community member of the Creative Commons chapter, also led a practical session and shared his experience working with organizations and professors using the CC open licenses. He provided a practical approach to help participants understand how the licenses can be used.

The celebration was not all serious and informative; there was also plenty to eat and drink. Each member went home with a CC-branded souvenir, which was a nice touch.

The CC Ghana Chapter is grateful to Creative Commons for the support in hosting this event and OFWA for the support and collaboration during this celebration.

Indeed the celebration has set the stage for the continued growth and evolution of the CC Ghana Chapter in the years to come. Follow and like the CC Ghana Facebook chapter for more update.

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