Africa Wiki Women’s 6th & 7th Training Session for the Inspire Inclusion 2024 Campaign: Office Hour for Wikipedia and Wikidata

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On May, 10th & 17th 2024,  Africa Wiki Women hosted the 6th and 7th Inspire Inclusion 2024 Campaign, The online session continued with an Office hour of Editing Wikipedia and Wikidata.” The session was moderated by Linason Blessing and  Pellagia Njau respectively on both days.

These sessions attracted over 18 participants in both sessions, including project leads and community members from Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania. 

Blessing welcomed participants to the session. Following the welcome, each attendee introduced themselves in the chat box. They gave their names, and the country they are joining from.

Peggy gave an overview of the project and also showing how to add their what they have done on the Metapage, Additionally, she presented the project timeline, resources available for contributions, Blessing gave a brief clarification on the criteria’s for the scholarship to all participants on the call, we entertained questions from all participants that joined the session, she added by asking participants what are their feedback since this is the last training session for this Campaign.

We had Rosie the Co founder for Women in Red, she was excited to join the session through telegram and she said she checked our Metapage and she was really impressed with our works and we have similar goals, which is to promote women on Wikipedia and they are open for collaboration with the Africa Wiki Women. We also had Bashir Muhammed from the Northern Nigeria Community, he commended the efforts of the organisers of the campaign.

The session concluded with encouraging participants to fill the Post evaluation form to help the organizers to properly evaluate the project.

In case you missed any of our sessions, the link to access it is available on the community meta page. Additionally, we encourage you to register for our upcoming sessions to ensure you receive timely email notifications one hour before each online session begins. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel as well for previous sessions recordings. If you wish to become an active member of our community, please take a moment to complete the registration form. Let’s work together to bridge the gap on information about women on Wikipedia and sister projects.

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