At the Open-Source Conference 2024 Nagoya

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The original author is VZP10224, in Japanese.

VZP10224 has been an administrator of Japanese Wikipedia since 2010, and a member of the Wikimedians of Japan User Group since 2023.

The Open-Source Conference, a significant event in the open-source software (OSS) community, has been a platform for promoting OSS activities in Japan since 2004. The OSC Nagoya was held at the Nagoya Trade & Industry Center on May 25, 2024. It was the first event to be participated in, except for the ESEAP Conference for Wikimedians of Japan User Group.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all OSC events were held onsite. However, during the severe travel restrictions in Japan in 2020, they continued to be held exclusively online. This was followed by a hybrid of online and real venues starting in 2023. As of 2024, the events have returned to being held at real venues except for a few online sessions a year. Among the activities was a section on “open data,” and our user group participated in the open data category.

Preparation: Each community organization will be assigned one table where exhibitors and visitors can interact with each other.

I led a “Wikimedia’s Project—as a Receiver of Open Data” lecture at 10:00 a.m. In Japan, Wikipedia is well known, and Wikimedia Commons has a certain level of recognition because people are guided to upload images to Wikipedia. However, other projects could be better known, so we started our talk with an overview of the Wikimedia projects.

I introduced all Wikimedia projects on this lecture and at our exhibition booth. Also asked visitors about these projects’ recognition. With many of the participants being engineers, there was a sense of interest in Wikidata’s existence.

The Open-Source Conference 2024 Kyoto will be held on July 27 at Kyoto Research Park in Kyoto City. We, Wikimedians of Japan User Group, will also have lectures + an edit-a-thon of Wikidata, and a booth to gain exposure and raise awareness of the user group and Wikimedia.

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