Jimmy Wales’ challenge makes headline in Japanese newspaper

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An article titled “Collective Intelligence vs. Disinformation: Wikipedia Founder’s Second Challenge” was featured on the front page of the June 17, 2024 edition of The Nikkei (the Nihon Keizai Shimbun). The Nikkei is one of Japan’s national newspapers, with a focus on the economy that is widely read by business executives. Until now, Wikipedia-related articles have appeared only a few times in the local economy and reading columns, but as far as I know, this is the first time that an article has appeared so prominently on the front page.

Jimmy Wales



This article is the first in the series “Technopocene (Techno-New Age): Be More Human,” and focuses on a social networking site called “Trust Café,” which Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launched in 2023 to compete with X (formerly Twitter), which was acquired by Elon Musk. There are no advertisements, “Like” buttons, or money transfer functions, and the purpose of its establishment is to “create a place where honesty and reliability are valued above all else.”

Noting that Wikipedia enhances the reliability of articles through the accumulation of “collective intelligence,” the Trust Café has also incorporated a mechanism for users to mutually verify contributions.

The digital version also includes an image of an interview with Jimmy Wales. An overview follows:

  • Wikipedia’s goal is to create a high quality free encyclopedia for all people. The key to this is a community of people striving to create something good.
  • Important in such an open culture and value system is the idea that we should strive to understand correctly. It is important to be able to correct mistakes. As consumers, we should be very careful about consuming media that is not good for our hearts.
  • In the world, social networking sites continue to spread information that is not true. Many people who believe incorrect information do not think about the reasons for believing it. That is a big problem.
  • “Trust Café” was created as a social networking service to connect people’s trust, and we want it to grow slowly and healthily. “Connection” means to understand people, and this can be achieved through the Internet.

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