Wikimedia Kaduna Network International Women Day, 2024

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In Celebrating International day 2024, The Wikimedia Kaduna Network organized International women’s day program with aim of creating and translating articles from English to other languages. It promote articles about women generally, Participants were expected to create Wikidata items about women or organization concerning women, editing wikipedia article by adding image or infobox and translating article to other languages like Tyap and Hausa languages. This Projected was supported with Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Micro Fund with Project team of wikimedia Kaduna Network which are Ramatu A. Haliru (user: Inyor4mr), Mr. Friday Musa (User: Friday Musa), Dr. Salati Luqman Kareem (User: LK Salati) and Zaianb Mu’azu (User: Zmu’az4Z).

As We embark on the Journey. It is worth celebrating the achievements of women in Nigeria by documenting their success stories. To achieved this we collaborated with Association of Women Librarians in Nigeria (AWLIN) and the National Library of Nigeria all in Kaduna State of Nigeria. Two online sessions and one Physical training were hosted serving as pillars of knowledge sharing that inspired participants to contribute.

The following are insight chapters of the Wikimedia Kaduna Network International Women Day, 2024 of Knowledge Empowerment of Participants:

First (Online) Training Session: On Boarding Session

Date: March 8th, 2024

The session, Held from 8:00PM to 10:Pm WAT, was Moderated by Zainab Mu’az. Kicking off the proceedings, Zainab extended a warm welcome to all participants before inviting Ramatu A. Haliru, the Project Lead to explain the purpose of the campaign and highlight its important of documenting women success stories in Nigeria. Mr. Friday Musa that shared insight on why celebrating International women’s day with what is expected of participants at the event.

Transitioning seamlessly, Friday Musa took the floor again to introduce participants to the intricacies of Wikipedia. His comprehensive presentation delved into key topics such as the Pillars of Wikipedia, the Basics of a Wikipedia Article, the Wikipedia Article Guiding Policy, and the Overview of a Wikipedia Article. Passing the virtual baton to Ramatu, She navigate participants through the registration process of joining the Outreach Dashboard by encouraging them to join to enable there edit to be counted. With that, the day’s Program concluded on Answering participants questions which ended with the spirit of engagement.

Second (Physical) Training Session: Introduction to Wikipedia, Wikidata

Date: March 14th, 2024

The Physical Celebration of International women’s day was hosted at National Library Of Nigeria, Kaduna Brach with the following organizations as Participants

  • National Library of Nigeria, Kaduna Branch
  • Betty Queen International School, Kaduna
  • L.G.E.A primary School Kaduna
  • David International Fountain School, Kaduna
  • Nigeria Copyright Commission, Kaduna
  • Association of Women Librarians in Nigeria, (AWLIN), Kaduna Branch
  • Government Girls Secondary School, Kawo – Kaduna

The project started by the Host Librarian of National Library of Nigeria Kaduna branch welcome and enlighten the need for digital literacy among women in Nigeria Through Wikipedia platform. she want encourage all participants present to pay attention to learn how to contribute to the Wikipedia and Wikidata.

The Event List for several hours where facilitators demonstrated how to edit wikipedia articles, how to create wikidata items all form women. Goodwill messages where given by organizations presents.

Third Online Training Session: Following Up (Wikipedia and Wikidata)

Date: March 20th 2024.

This Marked the Final Training session for Wikimedia Kaduna Network International Women’ s day celebration campaign with Dr. LK Salati as Moderator. spanning from 8:00Pm to 10:00PM. the Focuses on “Adding citation to Wikpedia article” and “Improving Wikidata items”. Zainab Recap the previous session knowledge for better understanding of participants. The floor was hannded over to Mr. Friday who practically demonstrated steps in Adding Citations and sections to Wikipedia articles such as Automatic, manual or reuse method. Ramatu took over the floor which she practically show participants how to improved wikidata items. Also teach participants how to use Recon tool to identify gab in wikidata items. The session ended by ensuring participants were equipped with basic skills to contribute effectively.

Achievement of the Campaign

  • 32 Articles were created
  • 98 existing articles were improved (edited)
  • 118 References were added


Wikimedia Kaduna Network team was glad to contribute in celebrating the International Women’s day 2024. we has some challenges which was overcome.

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