Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia Initiates Talks with Vakachinyama Youth Movement to Create Luvale Language Wikipedia

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A Luvale Makishi dancing at an event ceremony.

The Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia (WUGZA) has initiated talks with the Vakachinyama Youth Movement (VAYMO) regarding a potential partnership to create a Wikipedia edition in the Luvale language. Although discussions have not yet formally commenced, WUGZA has made initial contact with VAYMO to explore this significant opportunity.

The proposed Luvale Wikipedia aims to enhance the representation of one of Zambia’s major languages in the digital realm, promoting linguistic diversity and educational accessibility. If successful, this project will join other Zambian language Wikipedias, such as the Chitumbuka and Chi-Chewa Wikipedias, which are already established. Additionally, a Chitonga Wikipedia is currently under development in Wikimedia’s incubator, where all Wikimedia Foundation projects begin.

“Reaching out to VAYMO is our first step in making the Luvale Wikipedia a reality. We believe that this collaboration will be instrumental in preserving and promoting the Luvale language and culture online,” said a spokesperson from WUGZA.
VAYMO, known for its commitment to youth empowerment and cultural preservation, has been identified as an ideal partner for this initiative. Their involvement would ensure that the project is grounded in community needs and perspectives, vital for the creation of a comprehensive and culturally rich Luvale Wikipedia.

While formal talks are yet to start, both WUGZA and VAYMO are optimistic about the potential partnership. The next steps will involve detailed discussions, planning, and coordination to mobilize resources, train contributors, and gather content for the new Wikipedia edition.

WUGZA’s ongoing efforts to expand free knowledge in Zambia through Wikimedia projects highlight the importance of linguistic inclusivity. The Luvale Wikipedia project is expected to follow the successful models of the Chitumbuka and Chi-Chewa Wikipedias, providing valuable resources in local languages and supporting the preservation of Zambia’s linguistic heritage.

About Vakachinyama Youth Movement (VAYMO):
VAYMO is a youth-led organization focused on empowering young people and preserving cultural heritage. Through various initiatives, VAYMO works to foster a sense of identity and community among Zambian youth.

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