Open Source Telephony!

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Many, many people know that the software the powers Wikipedia is called MediaWiki, and it is in fact an open-source software that anyone can use. What is not known however, is that the Wikimedia Foundation is now also using open-source software for our telephone system. This last weekend, we rolled out our Asterisk 1.4 installation. Asterisk is an open-source software managed by Digium. By utilizing open-source software to power our telephone system, the Foundation is taking another step in the direction of free and open software use.
Rob Halsell, IT Manager & Systems Administrator

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First of all, I would like to have parameters for calling the Office. It would be generally good to allow people to reach the Office not only via telephone line, but also via Internet. It is especially useful for us, who need to make an international call to reach the Office. The other issue is related to building the WM infrastructure. It would be really good to see SER/OpenSER installed at the main server farm, which may be used as a SIP router by chapters and the Office. It would allow people from the Office and the chapters to hold… Read more »

That’s great Rob, I’m with Milos, I wonder if we could now start looking at taking the next step and attempt to do for WMF’s global groups’ comms what a wiki has done for their info. i.e. begin to develop a global multi media network. This really needs (I think) a collaboration between the WMF and someone with this kind of idea. although for global groups (chapters, teams, Advisory, etc) rather than Unis. The aim is to put some tools together which start in the kind of Open Source functionality (and SIP standards) which help to produce Wikipedia Weekly,… Read more »