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Over at his fine blog, Jakob Voss has highlighted some neat work by design students at Texas State University.

"Wikipedia - Veteran" by Mike E. Perez from Dallas, Texas, USA, under CC-BY-2.0
“Wikipedia – Veteran” by Mike E. Perez from Dallas, Texas, USA, under CC-BY-2.0
From Jakob’s blog:

Mike Perez, design student at Texas State University, and his fellow students Mark Decker and Jacob Brubaker have created a wonderful campaign for Wikipedia in their design class. The posters or ads each show a straight view of an everyday person as an expert on a specific subject and a mind map of their thought process. This are the best ads for Wikipedia that I have seen since the Wikipedia promotion images that André created back in 2005 for the German Wikipedia. Just have a look (photos at flickr only because of copyright restrictions) and enjoy if you like Wikipedia as much as I do!

Nice work! Let us know if you’ve seen any other creative treatments…
Jay Walsh, Head of Communications
2015-08-18: Updated to include link to the version of the (now freely licensed) image on Commmons

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These are fantastic! Are you going to sell them in the cafepress shop?

Wow, they are so wonderful. I love them.
(quibble… where’s a woman?)

I just wanted to say thanks for noticing our work. It was great learning all about Wikipedia, and a lot of fun actually putting these ads together. We photographed some interesting characters, and came across some really interesting wikipedia entries. I’m really proud of our work. It’s really cool to know that there are so many others out there who appreciate it!
And just so you know, everyone in our class (including our professor) wants to wear that shirt!
Thanks again!
Mike E. Perez

–>> As long i’ve known Mike, he’s been resourceful in his creativity. That multiplies like rabbits when he’s amoung others and it just explodes.
Killer work, as usual Mike.

I would also like to say thanks for the recognition. I learned a great deal about wikipedia in the process. More-so the interesting history of the t-shirt. Wiki-it.