Wikimedia Foundation 2008-2009 Annual Plan

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Earlier today we uploaded the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2008/2009 Annual Plan presentation and Questions and Answers page to the Wikimedia Wiki.  These materials were approved at the June 20 Board of Trustees meeting.  They can be accessed via the Finance Report page.

Posting our plan and (hopefully) answering some of your questions in advance is part of our commitment to providing transparent information about the Foundation’s goals and spending.
The Annual Plan lays out projected spending through the next fiscal year (which for us starts today and runs the rest of the year).  The plan describes spending in our three main operational areas: technology, programming, and finance and administration.  We also introduce our 2008/2009 organizational goals, which we hope to discuss in more detail in the coming months.
For your information and awareness!
Jay Walsh
Head of Communications<

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Hi — you guys should think about posting some videos of yourselves talking about new initiatives. It could help with community cohesion.

Also, what are you doing about the lack of good statistics for english wikipedia? This is *vital* information. Statistics are the only way to keep track of the health of a community this large, and right now, we’re driving in the dark. Maintaining a “control room” style statistical awareness should be a *central* role of the foundation.

Statistics are relevant. They are however not only relevant for the English language Wikipedia. The notion that we are driving in the dark is more true for other projects. Most of them have never had any attention to understand how they are doing. When other projects are analysed they are analysed as one big blob, the other languages. You hear about it as “the other languages are now more then 50% of our content” or “traffic in other languages is more then the traffic of English content”. Some statistics that are known are really profound; the Bangla Wikipedia is the… Read more »

I would be interested in benchmarking (or seeing a benchmark) of all the local projects, or perhaps just a few for now. Best, Jon