Kaltura and Wikimania 08 collaborative video editing

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Kaltura, who Wikimedia has been working with over the last few months on the exploration of open-source, collaborative video editing on Wikimedia projects, have developed a Wikimania video wiki leading up to this year’s conference in Alexandria. Kaltura is also a generous benefactor of Wikimania this year, providing financial support to make the event possible.
They’re inviting project volunteers and enthusiasts (whether attending or not) to try their hand at collaborative video uploading/editing/improving.  Share your video from your travel to Egypt – or if you can’t make it, why not edit in your comments or questions for participants?
Invitation from Lisa Bennet, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Kaltura

Hi Everyone,
As Wikimania is right around the corner, we’ve added a new great way to share information about the event. I would like to invite you to the Wikimania Video Site where you can create collaborative videos. The site already has some videos where people can add their expectations for the event or share why they can’t join us this year, and there will be computer stations at Wikimania for attendees to add videos and pictures in real-time from Alexandria. Hopefully, it will be a great resource for people that could not be there in person to see the highlights, and for the attendees to document the event.
Check it out at: http://www.kaltura.com/devwiki/index.php/Wikimania_Video_Site
The site is hosted on the Kaltura devwiki and uses the collaborative video technology from Kaltura, which the Foundation partnered with late last year to explore adding videos to Wikipedia and other projects.
You’re invited to share your experiences from Wikimania, play with the technology, and provide your feedback.
Jay Walsh, Head of Communications

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Flash – ich!

Okay, my first three feedbacks. 1. I uploaded an image just fine. This image was added to the end of the video automatically (I could not put it elsewhere). I had no other choice than cc by sa as a licence. The image may have been cc by sa… or something else… so I may have infringed the original licence. I had no field where I could add the source or name of the author. So, ultimately, I did not respect the licence of the image. I apology to the author. 2. I tried to remix the video. When I… Read more »

Hi, this is Lisa from Kaltura. Thanks for your feedback. Here is some useful information about the video-wiki extension: – I will start by saying that the video-wiki extension project is run as an open-source project on Sourceforge, and any bugs, feature suggestions, and code contributions are welcome there. – You can access all of the history/versioning information about the video (including advanced dif capabilities etc) by clicking the “Info” button on the bottom right of the player (similar to photos on wiki) – The first version of the extension included a “Credits” button that included all relevant credit information.… Read more »

Hey, the wikimedia history integration’s pretty cool. I ran into a bug recording a video: I couldn’t play back the video after recording. Also, the “webcam selection” is confusing. It only worked when I selected “USB class”, which was the last thing I tried since I have a built-in camera on my macbook. I’ve used other flash utilities that seem to automatically detect the camera. Further, I still can’t see my contribution to the video: it doesn’t have a thumbnail and doesn’t play when I click on it (though the “loading” bar fills, seeming to indicate that something’s there). If… Read more »

By the way, I’m using firefox 3 on OS X 10.5.

Ack, triple post. A couple more things: you should know that wikimedian culture is accustomed to being able to choose almost any license for their uploaded media, so they might chafe at being forced into CC-BY-SA. And have you thought about renaming the “info” button to “contents” or “individual clips”? Note also that the graphic you’re using on the info button — the juxtaposed rectangles — is the same graphic that youtube and other sites use to mean “full screen”, so it’s even easier to misinterpret its function.

Thanks for all of the feedback, Ben. I’ll make sure your input is brought to the team and taken into consideration when testing and revising the extension.

Question? I have a new “Sceptre” 22″ monitor set in “landscape ‘ aspect 16/9 and yet your website comes up in a “towide” image necessitating scrolling back and forth this awckword condition means this is my last visit?