New tech hires: Trevor Parscal and Ariel Glenn

Please join me in welcoming two of our new tech folks who started this week in our San Francisco office, Trevor Parscal and Ariel Glenn.
Trevor has done various web development as well as being involved in the D development community (neat!), and will be poking around at MediaWiki stuff and misc scripting development.
Ariel is a longtime Wikipedian and Wiktionarian, and has been working on bot tools and some experimental MediaWiki extensions in the past. Ariel will be doing general MediaWiki/extension development as well as local IT support in our San Francisco office.
Trevor and Ariel will both be helping us to tidy up a lot of backlog in miscellaneous bug fixes and feature requests, as well as pitching in on development for ongoing strategic goals.
Brion Vibber,

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is very important in wikimedia, no speck ingles

Congrats :DD

Great job hiring these two!