2008 Annual Giving Campaign kick-off! Time to Support Wikipedia!

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Today we are very pleased to announce the kick-off for the 2008 Annual Giving Campaign for the Wikimedia Foundation. For most Wikipedia users that means you’re now seeing a shiny banner at the top of every Wikipedia page – likewise for the other Wikimedia Foundation projects.
The campaign will run through January 15, 2009 – which will mark the eight birthday of Wikipedia. We’ve increased our goal this year to $6million USD – it’s ambitious, but with more resources to spread the word and help bring in donations, we’re confident we’ll get there and beyond.
To make things run smoothly we’ve rebuilt the entire front-end of the donation system at donate.wikimedia.org, and we’ve streamlined the Wikipedia donation banners. Live comments from donors return, and we’ve also added a series of standard ‘Support Wikipedia’ buttons. We’re also encouraging fans and users to remix the Wikipedia puzzle mark to show support in their own way.
For the podcasters or internet/traditional radio folks out there we’ve also produced a series of audio public service announcements in varying lengths, and in broadcast quality formats.
Last (but not least) we’ve created a form so anyone can share their stories about how Wikipedia has made their lives easier. This is the perfect time to reflect on the impact Wikipedia has had on your life – and you’ll help us build our understanding of how Wikipedia is being used by people every day. We’ll be sharing your stories here on the blog.
A huge thank-you to our ongoing and new donors – your donation will support global access to free knowledge, and a long, healthy future for Wikipedia.
Here’s to a successful campaign!
Jay Walsh, Head of Communications

Archive notice: This is an archived post from blog.wikimedia.org, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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The campaign will run through January 15, 2009 – which will mark the “eight” (should be eighth) birthday of Wikipedia.

Through thic and thin wikipedia is a real fan indeed. I would surely support it and would recommend others too.

I wonder why here isn’t anything posted about the Lutz Heilmann situation. I am a regular donator to wikimedia and I would be interested in the counts of donations during and after the redirect-prohibition.

Glad to see that the Wiki model of support is still in good working order, even in these tough times.

Great to see your repeated success. You deserve every penny.

Ranked the 8th best website in the World on its 8th Birthday 🙂