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How would you make this button better?
How would you make this button better?

We have begun exploring ideas for enhancing the visibility of a donate button, not only within Wikipedia and the Wikimedia main template, but also on every page of every Wikimedia project. We hope that enhancement will enable us to better informing our public that we are dependent on their donations as we promote the free and open knowledge movement.
As we saw in the last fundraiser, different messages and visual styles had different outcomes: different levels of gifts, origin of donors, and frequency of donations.  We expect that a small change to the Wikimedia design template will result in a big returns in donations — increasing funds we use to keep the Wikimedia movement alive and growing.  We expect that in return for a bit of enhanced visibility, we will see a daily increase of up to 20% in donations.
Working with the same designer that worked on last year’s donation page, we have culled his 30+ button ideas into 6 that represent some of the better designs.
We have posted several design options for your comments and input.
Design is only half of this change… words are equally important.   We are also looking for input on messaging on the donate button and on most Wikimedia articles.  What are the simplest words we can use? Can the text be easily translated into dozens of languages? We need text that will communicate that we are a non-profit and and express the importance of donations in keeping our projects active.
Join the discussions on our donation upgrades page and catch a glimpse of the upcoming improvements to our community fundraising efforts!
Rand Montoya, Head of Community Giving

Archive notice: This is an archived post from blog.wikimedia.org, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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In order for this article to reach as many people as possible we would like your help. Can you translate this article to get the message out?

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The garishness of the button is inversely proportional to the likelihood of me pressing it.

Oh, and the text there is incorrect. Wikipedia’s content will remain free regardless of what happens to your foundation.

Based on my analysis of the last fund-raising cycle, I recommend a small, say 40×40 pixel photograph of Jimbo’s head.
I am serious. I am completely serious.
— with a link to the “personal appeal” letter.
If anyone claims I am not serious I will show them the regression model.

@Bob Please comment on the page so we can have all the feedback in the same place. Also, please try to give constructive comments to we can see how to make it better.

I think this would be a good idea to help support the foundation and the Wikimedia projects.
@Bob The content is free, yes, but the cost of running a server farm to serve that content (especially one as large as Wikimedia’s) most certainly is not.

Maybe include the fact that the donation is tax-deductible…
Oooooo and have it cycle through EVERY COLOR IN THE RAINBOW.
Like a chameleon…