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Fresh off the whiteboard of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative

Over 40,000 users are now participating in the beta testing of new features for Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects. These users have been helping the Wikipedia Usability Initiative to find bugs, of which we are doing our best to squash quickly.
If you are a Firefox 3 user, your experience with the new features has most likely been without issue, but we have found some older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 to be less stable, especially for projects which use a right-to-left language. After collecting information on browser compatibility and evaluating each browser’s capabilities against the technologies we are using to achieve a better editing experience, we’ve designed a map of which browsers support the new editing tools well enough to ensure a quality user experience, and which do not. Where users’ browsers do not support the new editing tools the old editing tools are provided instead.
While we hope that we can extend support to some of the currently unsupported browsers, we are focusing our efforts on developing a richer browsing and editing experience for users of more modern browsers. Thank you to everyone who has been participated so far in our beta testing process!
Trevor Parscal, Software Developer

Archive notice: This is an archived post from blog.wikimedia.org, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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Heh. I wonder if volunteer dedication to propagating Wikipedia as widely as possible extends to making the new stuff work properly in IE 6 and below …

thanks for your info, surprise for me hear about 40,000 user just for beta testing of new features.

Thanks for sharing