Weekly Wiki Tech Update: Pre-Wikimania edition

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What happened?
A few highlights from the last week…

  • The first version of Wikimedia’s official Wikipedia Mobile app for iPhone has hit the iTunes app store (free download). As with all Wikimedia software, it’s open source and we welcome patches and bug reports! (Unfortunately there’s a known problem with this release which prevents installation on first-gen iPod Touches — just use the mobile web site for now, which shares the same backend.)
  • Test wikis with Flagged Revisions and ReaderFeedback configurations have been set up to shake down UI and workflow before we prepare to deploy these extensions on English Wikipedia in the coming weeks. The test sites have been populated with featured articles, and should be getting some decent front pages soon. 😉
  • A push of new donation buttons to English Wikipedia to test response rates has been delayed until we’ve got more of our techs in one place again.
  • Mark is completing performance testing of SSD-based Squid proxy servers.
  • We encountered failures on ms2, one of our text storage servers, which has required some behind-the-scenes running about.
  • Ariel and River are bringing media storage replication between our Tampa master and Amsterdam off-site copy back up to date after cleaning up most of the base configuration.
  • There’s been a lot of talk on-list in the last couple weeks about testing infrastructure, with various people poking at the parser tests and the other half-done test suites. This is a happy thing and I hope to see more solid tests going — and more automated reports into CodeReview like the parser tests!

The week ahead…
Come with us if you want to code!
It’s Wikimania week in Buenos Aires, and the Wikimania Codeathon starts this Tuesday at 10am (15:00 UTC). If you can’t be there in person, join us online in #wikimania-codeathon on FreeNode.
What’s going to happen? We can’t say for sure ahead of time, but here’s a few of my favorites I hope to work on:

  • Deploying updated MediaWiki code to Wikimedia sites!
  • Exploring the power of jQuery and Michael Dale’s advanced media features in JS2 mode!
  • Pushing LocalisationUpdate to fast-track the work of our tireless translators!
  • Driving plans for the Usability Initiative’s new UI work!
  • Bringing forth the power of Flagged Revisions!
  • Awesome times with OpenStreetMap testing!
  • Hashing out plans for a MediaWiki configuration database… down with LocalSettings.php once and for all!
  • Figuring out how to start Selenium-based MediaWiki testing!
  • YOUR project?

Now put on yer codin’ legs and get typing!

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