Help us make Commons work better

It’s come to my attention that Commons has had some more problems than we saw on the other wikis… I want to make sure we get that cleaned up!
Andrew has just deployed some more fixes which should eliminate the ‘file already exists on Commons’ bug. It would be a huge help if folks who’ve been reporting problems can go through the lists on the Village Pump and collect just the problems that are still current:

  • Uploads via Commonist — fixed or do we still have problems?
    • (Who’s the best person to contact about debugging or developing fixes for Commonist?)
  • Missing description page immediately after edit — is this still happening?
  • Anything else?

Please add info about confirmed problems or fixes at the Commons Village Pump. Thanks to everybody — your feedback is important; we need to know which bugs are affecting you guys the most!

— brion
Update 2009-09-22 23:49 UTC: I’ve fixed the problem with Commonist by relaxing the edit token check in the form handler (this is safe for uploads via the web, which can’t be injected in a CSRF attack; we still enforce it for upload-by-URL). This probably fixes most of the other client-side upload tools and bots as well — please test!

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