LocalisationUpdate and ProofreadPage second try tomorrow; Collection too

Updates are coming back for LocalisationUpdate and ProofreadPage extensions, which we tested then pulled Tuesday due to performance problems.
Roan’s redone LU to store the message updates in serialized files instead of the database, which we can sync locally to web servers and should perform much better; I’ll also do a more gradual test rollout so we can scale it back more gracefully if we have problems again.
ThomasV has fixed up some bad queries in ProofreadPage, and it should be ready to go again; the updated version has much more advanced index support and looks pretty spiffy. 🙂
And if we’ve got time between other things, I’ll roll out the updated Collection as well — this makes big improvements to the UI for building a multi-page book, and leaves the sidebar much less cluttered when you’re not using it.
— brion

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