FlaggedRevs test wiki awaits you!

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Apparently due to some miscommunications, a lot of people didn’t realize that the FlaggedRevs labs test wiki has been active and waiting for people to poke at it for a month, since just before Wikimania!
We need interested people to be get up as local administrators to try out the the per-page stabilization settings (accessed via the ‘protect’ tab); by default most pages do not activate FlaggedRevs in the configuration we’re testing for English Wikipedia.
I’ve added a couple quick notes to this affect on the main page.
Update: We’re collecting some folks to be bureaucrats and help set up more test admins so we can get things going quick!

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What about testing flagged revs on a limited number of live Wikipedia articles? Would save a lot of technical and organizational hassle, wouldnt it?

The config we’re going with actually lets you switch FR on for individual pages, so basically that’s how we’re going to do it live. 🙂 But since it is a sensitive issue, we want to make sure we’ve got a chance to tweak it up a little in isolation first; once it’s on real en.wikipedia it’s going to get used pretty widely!
The good news is that since it is nicely progressive, we don’t need to sit around testing for months; we really just need a week or two to shake it down and do UI fixes.