Translate this post is a core part of the MediaWiki ecosystem. While not a Wikimedia Foundation project, it’s used by hundreds of volunteers to improve the localization of MediaWiki and its extensions, alongside other open source projects, which has led to MediaWiki being one of the most internationalized software packages available.
We’re very pleased to be able to recognize the incredible volunteer efforts behind at least in a small way. Starting tomorrow, Siebrand Mazeland will be able to devote one day a week to the support of the project on a contract with the Wikimedia Foundation. We’ve identified core priorities for the next year as an increase in the number of volunteer developers supporting the infrastructure, and the number of volunteer translators working on localization for the most widely spoken languages.
Welcome, Siebrand, and a big thank you to the entire community for their work. 🙂
Erik Moeller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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This is great news for the 259+ other languages but also for English… Siebrand spends a lot of work making sure that the messages in English are sane, unambiguous and can be translated in the first place.
All in all this is evidence that the WMF cares about all its languages.

Woohoo! I’m very excited about this… Siebrand and many others have put a huge amount of work into maintaining software localization for MediaWiki and other tools, and we’ve been hoping to find a way to help support them. Note that TranslateWiki isn’t just for MediaWiki — they support a number of other free software projects and are always looking for more. A healthy, active translator community benefits everybody and makes sure there’s both a strong pool of people to help out and there’s always something new and interesting to do! If you know anybody interested in either helping with translations… Read more »