English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as default

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Earlier today, English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as a default interface. The usability team is thrilled that en.wikinews community has reached the consensus to be the first adopter of the usability beta as default. We will continue enhancing the interface to simplify and make it easy to navigate and edit.  Our sincere appreciation goes to the entire en.wikinews community for embracing our work. It is a great day for the usability team. We feel blessed.
Naoko Komura, Program Manager, Usability Initiative

Archive notice: This is an archived post from blog.wikimedia.org, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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Thou hast a typo in the blog post headline!
But, I think this is great. English Wikinews took one look at the early beta and redesigned the main page to match it.

Typo fixed! *cough*

The first, still many wiki’s to go 🙂

Pardon my typo!! Thanks to David for correcting it.

Even the blog is a wiki, every typo gets fixed 😀

I will bring up one other tenuously related issue – which might be of interest to the usability team, and would probably need their involvement. Jon, one of the ‘crats on enwn, has set up http://enwn.net. It’s a URL shortener, but it will only make a shortcut for Wikimedia Foundation websites. In looking for a more project-neutral short domain, we’ve ended up registering wmf4.me and would like to see that handed over to the foundation for this very purpose. Currently, most wikis have a “Permanent link” in the sidebar. On English Wikinews we’ve a gadget for a ‘short url’ which… Read more »

Damn, need to read the source on my post 🙁
Teh blog needs “preview”

I rather don’t like to see that the Wikimedia Foundations use a url shorter for permanent links, a shorter is good for use in IRC or twitter or things like that but we also need to remember that people need to see http://en.wikipedia.org or http://commons.wikimedia.org because the name lets people remember our site, with the use of a shortening it will be lost.
(kind of offtopic btw)

URL shortening is kind of off-topic for the usability intiative here, as our main focus is on editing. It’s a nice idea, but it looks like it still needs to be discussed a little bit, and if we decide we want it, it can be done without our intervention.

I do not like the new look. Current Wikipedia look is better.