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You can select your subtitle language

We have just finished up the Multimedia Usability Project Meeting here in France. I am sure there will be more general wrap up coverage of the meeting shortly… but I wanted to share a hack we worked here.

For a long time people have requested subtitle support for mediaWiki embed videos and at this meeting we were finally able to sit down and hack up an initial solution. The system works by putting the srt files into the wiki so people can collaborate on translation and contribution. The naming scheme is “TimedText” followed by the file name followed by the language code followed by .srt . We include a basic editor to upload srt files and switch between between languages. We presently display the subtitles on the side of the video but they should make there way below the video soon. There are lots of supporting projects to work on if anyone is interested 😉
How do I try it out
To try it out install the mwEmbed gadget and then visit either video linked to in this post. Hopefully we can produce some more documentation soon 🙂
Some quick ideas for enhancements ( I am sure you can think of some too) :

  • A translation interface maybe borrowing from the techniques used on
  • A simple search of subtitles from the current video
  • A more complex search system for subtitles across all videos
  • Timed metadata a-la-metavid

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subtitles on commons using the mwEmbed gadget

Localization Update: As mentioned in the comments we are still missing some of the localizations msgs. They should be making their way in there soon, along with some other updates.
Michael Dale, Open Source Video Collaboration Technology

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The mwe- messages are missing, so there’re funny , , etc.

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