Wikimedia UK celebrates Public Domain Day

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Wikimedia UK logoWikimedia UK is celebrating “Public Domain Day,” this Friday, January 1, 2010.  The first day of every year in the United Kingdom, copyright expires on published works by individuals who died 70 years prior–this year in 1939.  Works by these individuals fall into the Public Domain in the UK. This year, the poetry of W. B. Yeats, the early works of Sigmund Freud, and Arthur Rackham’s classic children’s book illustrations will be released and made available.
You can read more about Wikimedia UK’s plans for Public Domain Day here.

Cary Bass, Volunteer Coordinator

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Thank you for the men and women behind Wikipedia. This is such a wonderful and selfless endeavor guys, and its indeed rare to have free access of knowledge nowadays. In a third-world country like ours, education has become a priviledge rather than opportunity, and in this new technology era wherein kids would rather open a computer than a book, websites like Wikepidea is must to emphasize the importance of knowledge to the new generation. I salute its founder, Mr Jimmy Whales, for devoting his career in this endeavor. You have so much kindness and goodness in your eyes, and I… Read more »

JDS is better than I thought.

Why only the early works by Freud, and not the later ones?

“Why only the early works by Freud, and not the later ones?”
Because the copyrights for the later ones have not expired yet

But since he died 70 years ago, shouldn’t all his works be in public domain by now?