Welcoming Bishakha Datta to our Board of Trustees

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Today we’ve shared some exciting news about the newest member of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Bishakha Datta. The Wikimedia Board of Trustees is the governing body that oversees the Wikimedia Foundation, the US-based non-profit that operates Wikipedia.
Bishakha is the first Board member to join us who lives and works in India.  She brings a wealth of experience about outreach and empowerment among rural populations around the world, and as a journalist and filmmaker she also brings a deep awareness of media and communication to the Board.  And like so many of our supporters she’s got some big views on Wikipedia:

“Wikipedia is groundbreaking in so many ways. It’s an encyclopedia collaboratively created by hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world, and has become a primary point of reference. It’s a free knowledge resource, not just in English, but in so many of the languages that we speak everyday, and it’s a hybrid editing model where we both produce and consume reliable, authoritative and credible information.”

With Bishakha’s appointment we now have a full Board membership of ten.
Welcome aboard, Bishakha!
Jay Walsh, Communications

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Welcome Bishaka.
You should bring a really useful perspective to the board

There could not have been a better choice than her at this juncture. Congratulations to Bishka and the Board.

Warm congratulations to Bishkha, this will help assure wikimedia’s credible place as the most comprehensive wiki on the net.

Warm congratulations to Bishakha, a credible appointment from which wikimedia will profit.

Dear Bishakha, Hi You are doing India proud


The Board of trustee,
Wikimedia Foundation,
Bishakhaji congratulations, you have done “Bharat” proud, after your deliveries at “Gorilla Girls” and “Point of View” this compliment actually has come to you
as a huge responsibility and it is certain that history will repeat.
I wish you all the very best in this venture and hope you will triplicate history.
Sanjay Devkar