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As mentioned in this post in January, the English Wikipedia will be trying out the Flagged Revisions extension, using a configuration we’re calling Pending Changes.
This new configuration requires new features, which in turn required substantial code changes to Flagged Revisions. For technical reasons, we can’t release that code just to the English Wikipedia, so we will upgrade all copies of Flagged Revisions in use on Wikimedia Foundation projects. Happily, that will result in a number of minor improvements for all Flagged Revisions users.
We’ll be rolling this code out on Monday, June 14th, around 23:00 UTC. We believe this won’t cause any trouble, but if bugs do crop up, we’d like to hear about them. Our team will be standing by, prepared to fix any small issues immediately, or roll back if there are any big problems. The best way to contact us will be via the wikimedia-tech IRC channel or our issues page. (If you happen to read this blog and are a participant in a wiki that uses Flagged Revisions, we’d appreciate you checking your local Village Pump around then, so as to minimize language issues.)
For more information on the rollout of Pending Changes for the English Wikipedia, keep an eye on the main Wikimedia Foundation blog for an upcoming post, and check out the Pending Changes help page and the details of the trial.

Archive notice: This is an archived post from blog.wikimedia.org, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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Congratulations on the successful launch. I’ve not heard of any substantive complaints so far, just a very small amount of confusion. This has to be a first.

Thanks for saying so, James. It was a lot of hard work from the whole team. I especially appreciate you noticing the smooth launch; people mainly notice and comment on the other sort.