Google Summer of Code conclusion

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This past week marked this year’s conclusion of Google Summer of Code.  This has turned out to be a very successful year for us and we hope for the students as well.  Here are this year’s projects:
  • Extension management platform – Creating an awesome extension management platform for MediaWiki, facilitating the installation, updating, removal and configuration of extensions.  Student: Jeroen De Dauw, Mentor: Brion Vibber
  • Improve metadata support – Improve metadata support for uploaded media in MediaWiki by displaying embedded IPTC and XMP metadata.  Student: Brian Wolff, Mentor: Chad Horohoe
  • General RDF export/import in Semantic MediaWiki – Extend the import/export functionality of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) to allow also full, general RDF import.  Student: Samuel Lampa, Mentor: Denny Vrandecic.
  • Javascript overhaul of Semantic MediaWiki – Improve and extend the Javascript for Semantic MediaWiki and some of its spinoff extensions, most notably Semantic Forms.  Student: Sanyam Goyal, Mentor: Yaron Koren
  • Wikisource Legal Tool – Creating a tool to format judicial decisions, legal scholarship, and statutes for Wikisource.  Student: Stephen LaPorte  Mentor: Ariel Glenn
  • Reasonably efficient interwiki template transclusion – allow MediaWiki users to insert (transclude) templates from a wiki to another on Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wikis (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, etc.).  Student: Peter Potrowl, Mentor: Roan Kattouw

More detailed information on all of these projects can be found on our GSoC 2010 projects page.  Also, Wikipedia Signpost is highlighting this work over the coming weeks, starting with a summary of Brian Wolff’s XMP metadata project.
Though not all projects were finished completely as specified, all were completed to a sufficient degree that we felt very comfortable passing all of the students, and all of the students produced code we’re very happy to have.  Note that there is no guarantee that anything here will get beyond the proof-of-concept stage.  However, we’re hopeful that much of this work will find broader adoption, and we’re looking forward to that.
We hope that all of the students stick around as MediaWiki contributors long after the summer is over.  Please join us in thanking them for their participation this year!

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Thanks and congratulations to all.
Is there any reason that requesting more project slots would not have been as successful?

Thanks for this round-up. Per the comment that “there is no guarantee that anything here will get beyond the proof-of-concept stage”, I should note that the project done by Sanyam Goyal, which I mentored, is already being used – code he developed can be found in the latest versions of five extensions: Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Forms, Semantic Forms Inputs and Semantic Drilldown.

Yaron, thanks for the update on Sanyam’s stuff. Great to hear that it’s already in the latest versions! I also should mention that Stephen LaPorte has been using his tool to add a lot of articles to WikiSource, so that’s another example where the tool is already being used in production.
One other note: the latest Wikipedia Signpost has a summary of Peter Potrowl’s work:
We’ll link to all of the Signpost summaries from the GSoC 2010 page on