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We are currently planning to roll out a new version of the FlaggedRevs extension to all wikis on Tuesday, November 23 starting roughly 3:15pm PST (23:15 UTC). This is used for Pending Changes on and Flagged Revisions on many other wikis (such as and The update sports a new reject button, some diff page load optimizations to help complicated diff pages load faster by displaying the diff prior to displaying the old revision, and many under-the-hood code improvements.
We have several test environments in place with FlaggedRevs/Pending Changes configured:

Please let us know if you have any problems.
Update 2010-11-23: this work is now complete.

Archive notice: This is an archived post from, which operated under different editorial and content guidelines than Diff.

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There is a problem in Polish Wiktionary, which arose just after a new version of Flagged Revisions had been deployed, so I guess, it is somehow connected. Categories added by templates are often inconsistent, for example ([[słabosłyszący]]) is in two categories, but index of none of them shows this article. It’s a problem for us, because all categories on pl-wikt are filled up using templates. Job queue statistics has shown “3” for a long time, did it hang up?

I’ve noticed that the update contained modifications that disregarded current projects’ use of the system. Namely that higher quality revisions cannot be given precedence for being shown over lower quality revisions. Now the only option is stable or latest. Are performance concerns at overriding other projects that have been using this extension for far longer? The ability to set higher quality revisions as the ones to be displayed over lower quality ones left the possibility for featured books at Wikibooks to have revisions marked as featured quality with interim edits sighted lower until polishing was complete. Additionally, stabilization comments… Read more »