A Decade of Thanks!

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People throughout the world are gathering at more than 450 events in 120 countries to celebrate Wikipedia’s 10th birthday.  I’m amazed and thrilled and humbled by the significant support Wikipedia has in every corner of the world.  When I started Wikipedia a decade ago, I  never imagined that everyday people in places like Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Bolivia, Ethiopia and Algeria would come together to celebrate Wikipedia in such an extraordinary way.
In ten years, Wikipedia has become so much to so many people.  Millions of people came together because they believed that access to free information was important and needed.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Thank you to the editors, donors and supporters. Thank you to those who believed in our mission and helped us along the way.  It’s because of you that Wikipedia exists: thank you for believing in the power of ordinary people to come together to do something remarkable.
It’s my hope that more people are now inspired to join the movement and help us reach our mission: a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.  I look forward to working with all of you over the next ten years to reach our goal.
Happy birthday, Wikipedia!

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This video is also available on commons with subtitles in many languages:

I can’t believe if a decade had passed, and Wikipedia had grown so large in the time. So I say: “Happy birthday, Wikipedia. Keep growing, and becoming the largest library ever.

From a bunch of people who are so big on things being free-as-in-freedom and open, comes a video talking about the success of that mission, in the format of a flash video. Well done.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia!
You can enjoy with our video presentation about my last art work dedicated to your
decade.I believe that you’ll like my new creation and art works,too.I donn’t know
if some exhibition happened yesterday evening.
Best regards from Pula,Istria,Croatia,
Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik,MD

I am overjoyed with the progress Wikipedia has experienced so far. Being a Wikipedia myself, I feel honoured to be serving a mission that Wikimedia has mapped out, to deliver: a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
I hope that will come one day.

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THANK YOU for being THERE!!!
For spreading the light of wisdom around…
For cutting off the shackles and freeing knowledge…
For growing from strength to strength…
For unleashing power and magic…
For challenging the unchartered path…
For making dreams come true….

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Selamat ulang tahun wikipedia. Bebaskan ilmu pengetahuan.