Welcome Wikimedia’s 30th Global Chapter, Wikimedia España

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On February 7, 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, responsible for Wikipedia and its sister projects, approved the creation of Wikimedia España (WMES). WMES is now the 30th global Wikimedia chapter.
Wikimedia España is a chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, and is also a legally recognized nonprofit organization in Spain. WMES aims to represent movement interests in Spain, to promote free knowledge and support all Wikimedia projects. Wikimedia España aims to encourage the participation of the members of the Wikimedia movement locally, regionally and nationally, taking advantage of Spain’s rich cultural diversity.
The chapter, the culmination of more than three years of work, has interesting challenges ahead. One of the challenges will be getting more and more people interested in free knowledge and its developments through educational activities, among which are participating in information sessions, seminars and any meetings connected with free knowledge, improving access to free knowledge on the Internet, as well as representation of Wikimedia among stakeholders, partners, and media.
The process began September 2007, culminating in the recognition of Wikimedia España as a chapter. To achieve this, the volunteers have been essential. Many people, from diverse backgrounds and geographical origins, made use of the means at their disposal and organized numerous local meetings to present ideas and lines of work, keeping in mind the common goal of free knowledge. As a chapter, their ability to get organised and have a deeper impact will increase and help them achieve this goal.
Upon this approval, Wikimedia España joins the long list of Wikimedia chapters that seek to promote free knowledge around the world. Their experience was a key factor when analyzing the ways forward. WMES also participates in the Iberoamerican Regional Cooperation initiative, which was conceived after Wikimania 2010. There is no doubt that cooperation between different groups is vitally important to face new challenges and to avoid isolation in a globalized world in constant motion.
Wikimedia España is a non-profit association open to anyone who wants to contribute to the movement for free knowledge as part of a coordinated team. Members of Wikimedia España are diverse, with different native languages, different lifestyles, gender, or age groups, and all working towards the same main goal: the unconditional expansion and growth of free knowledge.

Jorge Sierra ([[User:Lucien leGrey]]), Chapter President, Wikimedia España.

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