Wikipedia Contribution Team Plans Events Throughout UK and Beyond

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You may remember that last year, to close the Wikimedia annual fundraiser, Foundation staff and volunteers worked together to create the Wikipedia Contribution Campaign– a two-week long initiative to encourage people all over the world to become new editors.  Throughout the past few months, volunteers have continued to work together, creating the Wikipedia Contribution Team, to continue to drive the good work being done. Since January 2011, the Contribution Team has grown from 10 participants to 40, recently taking on projects such as the Backlog Drive – a project focused, six-week project to reduce the backlogs on Wikipedia, as well as in-person outreach to help encourage people to become new editors.
Supported by the Wikimedia UK chapter, the Wikipedia Contribution Team has planned a number of great events throughout the UK to support outreach and encourage people to join the Wikimedia movement. Throughout the next few months, the Team will support Wikipedia education and editor recruitment at several UK colleges and universities, including the Imperial College of London, University of Sheffield and University of Leeds.
No matter where you are in the world or how you like to work (online or IRL) there are a number of ways you can get involved to help educate people everywhere about the importance of working as a Wikimedia volunteer and how to encourage others to join!
If you’d like to join the Contribution Team, it’s as simple as signing up.
Good luck to everyone involved; we look forward to hearing more about
your successes!
Moka Pantages, Communications

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Please please organize something like this in India also…

i want to be part of wikkimadia

I love to be part of wikkimedian, i will be very gratefull if my request is geven a fevourate response

“six-week project to reduce the backlogs on Wikipedia”
err, the english version of it, I assume (what backlog exactly ? I don’t understand… RfD ? BLP ? something else ?)

Thats a great news.. i hope it organizes one in india too .. im a regular user of wikipedia and i think wikipedia has an answer to life’s all questions :)(atleast mine)!
Thanks to all of the members and editors for creating such a great source of information.

Very good news.