Brion Vibber rejoins Wikimedia Foundation

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Apparently, Thomas Wolfe was wrong, You can go home again…
It is with great pleasure and excitement that I today announce the pending return of Brion Vibber to Wikimedia Foundation Tech Department in the role of Lead Architect reporting directly to me.  Brion’s start date will be March 31st, 2011.
For those of you know don’t know, Brion was the first employee of the Wikimedia Foundation and its first Chief Technical Officer. He wrote much of the original code in MediaWiki, and as such is one of a very small number of people in the world who deeply understands the internal, technical underpinnings of our projects, such as Wikipedia. Brion has been much-honored for his past involvement with MediaWiki, including establishment of “Brion Vibber Day”, which was first celebrated in 2004.  Last year he accepted an award on behalf of the original MediaWiki team (Magnus Manske, Lee Crocker, Brion Vibber, and Tim Starling) from the USENIX organization for developing the MediaWiki project.  Brion left the Foundation in 2009 to join StatusNet, an open source startup focused on microblogging, while remaining active as a Wikimedia volunteer.
Since I joined WMF in February 2010, I have been looking for a Lead Architect to work on the future of the platform (both for our use and for the thousands of wikis that run on our engine). The biggest challenge was to find somebody who both understands and can work well with our unique culture and still think forward about what I’ve been referring to as “”.  I recently talked to Brion about the possibility of having him take a role with Wikimedia again to work on MediaWiki. I was ecstatic when he said yes.
Brion’s first project will be on the team tasked with re-writing MediaWiki’s parser, which should be both a challenging and rewarding effort, to which Brion tells me he’s looking forward (you can see why I’m so happy he’s coming back). Please join me in welcoming Brion back in the comments, or catch him on IRC.
Danese Cooper, Chief Technical Officer, Wikimedia Foundation

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Great news. Brion rocks.

This is fantastic news for Wikimedia and MediaWiki. Congratulations on your epic hire, Danese. Brion, welcome back!

[…] ale Wikimedia Foundation oznámila, že se Vibber vrací. Opět jako zaměstnanec nadace bude nejprve pracovat na novém parseru […]

Just… wow.
Hard to imagine more positive news. “Ecstatic” is not understating it.
It’ll be good to have Brion back.

Most welcome home, Brion

Oh *hellz* yeah! This has to be the best news I’ve heard this year. =D Welcome back, Brion!

OK, so…there’s a problem w/ the job queue, and PC needs fixing, and prefs/scripts has a bug, and then there’s all the HTML5 shit, and and and…
…welcome back!

Welcome back , Brion!

Yay!!!!! He is back 🙂

Yes! And yay to rewriting the parser! In C, I hope…

Congratulations Danese on a good hire, and I hope that this means that this means that we will get a new parser relatively soon 🙂

Mi tre ĝojas pri la reveno de Brion. Des pli ke preskaŭ nur li komprenos miajn gratulojn 😉

God is back 😉
Sound nice!

okej!vi går vidare!som det var sagt.

Very good news, indeed. Welcome back, Brion!

Tremendous news!

As much as I love what Evan has done with StatusNet and, I’m also really happy to see Brion rejoining Wikimedia 🙂