Presenting our 2009-10 annual report

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Today we released the 2009-10 Wikimedia Foundation annual report, the Foundation’s third annual report since 2008. This year’s report is built on our incredible vision statement, well known to just about any Wikimedian in our community: Imagine a world in which every person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Well, we are, and this year’s report follows that vision and recounts some of the Wikimedia community’s incredible successes since mid 2009.
This year we published the report in three formats: paper/print (24 pages in all), PDF for easier on-screen reading, and in wiki format.  The wiki version is hosted on Meta-wiki, the open wiki staging ground where thousands of Wikimedians collaborate on new projects to support the Wikimedia movement. The wiki format will also allow easy translation and reuse of the report by any person wishing to tell the story of the Wikimedia community.
The images in the report are particularly beautiful, and show just a tiny fraction of the extraordinary photographs that people and institutions from around the world have given away freely on Wikimedia Commons.  The report is, of course, CC BY SA, and copying and reuse of the materials is encouraged.
Thanks to our report designers at EXBROOK, as well as our advisor David Weir for their hard work.  And thanks to the community members from all over the world who work hard to build and maintain the projects, establish new partnerships, spread the ideas and values of the Wikimedia movement, and bring the Wikimedia vision to reality.  We hope this report helps tell part of that incredible story and helps bring new supporters into the fold.
Jay Walsh, Communications

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