Majority read and edit more than one language Wikipedia

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There are more bilingual and multilingual individuals in the world than there are monolingual, and the global community of Wikipedia editors is no exception.  According to the Editors Survey, April 2011, over half of Wikipedia editors contribute to more than one language Wikipedia, and an overwhelming majority (72%) read Wikipedia in more than one language.

Number of languages to which editors contribute

Number of Wikipedia languages which editors read

In addition, with an overwhelming majority of Wikipedia editors reading and editing English Wikipedia, English Wikipedia gets a lot of attention from Wikipedia editors. English Wikipedia has the largest and most diverse pool of editors with editors from other projects contributing to English Wikipedia. In total 76% of Wikipedia editors contribute to English Wikipedia, although only 40 percent primarily contribute to English Wikipedia.  93 percent of Wikipedia editors read English Wikipedia at some level, and about half  (49%) of them primarily read English Wikipedia. We can clearly see that editors who work primarily in other language projects are helping English Wikipedia grow.


Percent who contribute/primarily contribute to the following languages

Percent who read/primarily read the following languages

We’ll have a few more blog post insights from the Wikipedia Editors survey next week.
Mani Pande, Head of Global Development Research
(This is the third in series of blog posts exploring insights from the April 2011 Editors Survey)

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