Localisation team updates going live, December 12 2011

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Every Monday, the #Wikimedia Localisation team has a window of opportunity to roll out new and improved functionality. This release is at the end of an Agile sprint and it reflects the stories that our developers committed to develop at the start of the sprint. Multiple stories means that what is delivered can and does cover different functionalities; today is not different;

  • It features the launch of WebFonts for selected Indic languages and projects
    • All Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Telegu wikis
    • The Malayalam and Tamil wikis will not be supported by WebFonts for now
  • Narayam  has several new keyboard methods more mappings, improved UI, support for modern and monobook skins
  • Bug 31330 changes the preference to Babel extension information
    • this improves the coexistence of Babel information in templates and the extension
  • Cropping of text issues in the headers of many Indic languages finds a solution
When you frequent translatewiki.net, you will have seen it all. When you follow the Bugzilla bugs for Internationalization, you may have commented on the issues that are finding a resolution. For most Wikimedians the existence of all this hardly registers; it does not affect their language, their community.  When it does affect their language, their community it is very much a road towards editing in their language as easily as it is to edit in English.
We are eager to learn about any issues on our IRC  channel. Bugs are best reported at Bugzilla.
Gerard Meijssen
Internationalization / Localization outreach consultant

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