The localisation team sprints into the new year..

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WebFonts is the first extension that gets user documentation served from At the time of writing, the documentation has been written, it does serve people with help text about WebFonts and it is ready for translation. People looking for help will be served help in the language of their user interface if there is a translation.

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In a way it seems like a minor thing but consider;

  • MediaWiki can serve help texts for its functionality
  • this help text may differ based on the language of the user
  • the help text can be translated
  • a new community for MediaWiki help text translation is needed
  • functionality like Narayam will surely get its user documentation in the near future

Webfonts documentation
It will be a challenge to other developers and developer teams to adopt and refine the way assistance to our users is provided. We learned at that documentation did improve the quality of the localisations. We hope that user documentation will reduce confusion and makes for happy editors and readers.
The WebFonts user documentation was deployed last Tuesday. This and some other changes can be found in the deploy list. As the holiday season is in full swing, sprint 6 has started; it will run into the new year.
In this sprint stories will be developed that will make “Translation review” feature complete. When this is implemented, it will help translators and localisers review each others work and assign a status to their work for further considerations. As you can imagine, the different statuses themselves will become available for translation; card 326 defines this and will make this possible. This is just one of many stories that make up this feature.
For the localisers of the MediaWiki software a long held ambition will be realised; card 206 will see “plural” support implemented for JavaScript. When this functionality is deployed, it will result in a long list of future changes that will see changes to the actual messages.
The new year will bring us many new challenges and opportunities to the many many language communities. The Wikimedia Localisation team will work hard to provide you with the tools to be efficient in any language to get our message out and provide information in any language. For some of us the new year starts at a different moment so it will be very much business as usual; we welcome you to have a look at our sprint backlog (user:guest password: guest) and bug us in bugzilla with whatever needs fixing.
Gerard Meijssen
Internationalization / Localization outreach consultant

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“WebFonts is the first extension that gets user documentation served from”

Ahem… Out of the ones that have their own help namespace entry:
* Help:Extension:ParserFunctions (Created: 24 December 2008‎)
* Help:Extension:FlaggedRevs (Created: 29 January 2009‎)
* Help:Extension:Cite (Created: 3 February 2009‎)
* Help:Extension:LiquidThreads (Created: 15 October 2009‎)
* Help:Extension:WebFonts (Created: 19 December 2011)
* Help:Extension:Translate (Created: 30 December 2011‎)
Plus the numerous others that have their documentation included only on their Extension page.

There is a difference between documentation and user documentation. The last two entries in your list were created by the Localisation team but only the WebFonts help text is served in translation as part of the application and its localisation at this time.