End of sprint 6; Translate and other goodies

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Every two weeks a sprint and every week a deployment. The Localisation team aims to bring you new and updated functionality when we have it.
As you can see in the summary below, the focus this sprint has been very much on the Translate extension. Management of translations and the translation process is what we have worked on. When texts are translated in a Wiki, they often are only needed within a specific time frame; it is now possible to mark a text as no longer needing any effort. For many languages there are multiple people involved in the work flow for the creation of a document that is well written in translation. When they are to work well together, it helps when their work changes its state so that it is clear that for instance something has been proofread.
The person who manages the publication and distribution of a page needs work flow states to decide what more needs to be done and what is ready. To do this he can make use of states that already exist or define additional states. These states are available as local messages and are available for translation.

states in action

Translate extension features

  • Message work flow states help translator translate, review and making ready for publication
  • There is now a new message group for recent translations. This message group makes these states possible in translation
  • Special:MyLanguage can now be used with language sub pages to be used as the default fall-back instead of providing an untranslated version
  • Pages marked for translation can now be marked as “discouraged”. They will no longer show up in the usual places. This prevents translators from translating them needlessly.
  • Added {{#translationdialog:title}} for creating a link to the translation dialogue

Translate bug fixes

  • The flash of unstylized content effect is reduced
  • Made the extension work without legacy JavaScript globals
  • The summary row in Special:LanguageStats and Special:MessageGroupStats is no longer sorted with rest of the rows.
  • Fixes to the sizing of the translation editor dialogue
  • Fixed a fatal error that sometimes occured when translation page title used GRAMMAR and the page was viewed with English UI.

Miscelaneous changes

  • Parserfunctions ifexist magic word Italian translation fixed to ‘ifexist’
  • Narayam preference wording changes from disable to enable
  • The WebFonts icon no longer overlaps with the menu text
  • WebFonts preview allows you to preview a text with a font. You can download these freely licensed fonts to your system.
  • GENDER and PLURAL support are now available for use in JavaScript.
  • Consistence updates for grouppage-* messages, for LocalisationUpdate
  • Fixing be-tarask grammar forms

Changes deployed last week

  • WebFonts was deployed for the Bishnupria Manipuri language; it uses the Lohit Bengali font
  • Support for gendered name spaces was deployed for the Russian wikis.

As always, you are welcome to have a look at our sprint backlog (user:guest password: guest) and bug us in bugzilla with whatever needs fixing.
Gerard Meijssen
Internationalization / Localization outreach consultant

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