The end of the tenth sprint

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Finish of a sprint

Every two weeks a development sprint is finished. Every two weeks we evaluate what we achieved, what went well and what went wrong. Many of the stories of sprint 10 can be found in Mingle (user:guest, password:guest). There you see the stories that were accepted or postponed.
The stories that ended happily are all over the place.

  • The Ahirani language, a language of India that uses the Devanagari script in the same way as Marathi, is now supported for web fonts and input methods.
  • When a translation administrator encourages or discourages the translation of a text, this will now be logged. This helps translators prioritize their activities.
  • WebFonts now uses the MicroType Express font compression technology. This makes sending fonts to your browser go much faster.
  • A translator can inform how he wants to be contacted and how often he can be contacted. In true agile fashion, the software that will make use of this will be written in a future sprint
  • Some texts only need to be translated in selected languages because they will reach a specific public or because it will be used in software that supports a limited number of languages. New functionality enables a translation administrator to select these languages.
  • We did a lot of code review; it gets done as it is part of our plan

A few stories did not end on a high note:

  • Configuring one translation memory for all the wikis where the WMF needs translation took much longer. The idea was to build it first on Labs. This idea has now been shelved and it will be configured directly in production.
  • A lot of work has gone in EasyTimeline. This was to make its functionality usable in other scripts and languages that are written from right to left. It works after a fashion and many issues have been resolved. Sadly the devil is in the details. Ploticus is a dependency for EasyTimeline and it has a bugs in creating  SVG output. There is no plan to fix this bug in Ploticus ourselves, but we are trying to find developers who can. Until then, we cannot have progress on this feature. Please let us know if you are interesting this issue for us.

Gerard Meijssen
Internationalization / Localization outreach consultant

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