Wikimedia Foundation selects nine students for summer software projects

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We received 63 proposals for this year’s Google Summer of Code, and several mentors put many hours into evaluating project ideas, discussing them with applicants and making the tough decisions. We’re happy to announce our final choices, the Google Summer of Code students for 2012:

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All nine of these students are working on MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikimedia sites.

Congratulations to this year’s students, and thanks to all the applicants, as well as MediaWiki’s many mentors, developers who evaluated applications, and Google’s Open Source Programs Office. The accepted students now have a month to ramp up on MediaWiki’s processes and get to know their mentors (the Community Bonding Period) and will start coding their summer projects on or before May 21st. As the organizational administrator for MediaWiki’s GSoC participation, I’ll be keeping an eye on all nine students and helping them out.
Good luck!
Sumana Harihareswara, Volunteer Development Coordinator

Google Summer of Code 2012
Google Summer of Code 2012

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wow this is nice

I’ve created several processors that process XWiki Code (MediaWiki raw format). One converts it to plain text, another gets the links (I discovered the api call that gets the interwiki links (action=query&list=links) later on, which is different anyways because order is important, alphabetical order has no semantics and as thus information entropy is reduced when using the api call). Anyways, this comment is to communicate a frustration: WHY is the WORLD’s ENCYPLODIA uses a format that is messy like XWiki Raw Code? This is not acceptable. A better method should be researched that works with the nature of public editing.… Read more »

Mazin, we’re working on the structured data side of it with Wikidata and on reducing the need to use wikitext markup with the visual editor. If you need more help, I encourage you to visit our mailing lists and chat channels to talk with the Wikimedia technical community to help you find solutions!

Sumana, this is the first time I hear of Wikidata! Thank you so much for the heads up and the links! It seems very exciting and it thrills me. I hope I can contribute to such amazing project.