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"Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool" is a new brochure. Click on the image to download the brochure from Wikimedia Commons.
“Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool” is a new brochure. Click on the image to download the brochure from Wikimedia Commons.

University instructors around the world who are interested in incorporating Wikipedia assignments into their course curriculum are now able to access three printed brochures filled with best practices. Drawing from the experiences of hundreds of professors worldwide who have participated in the Wikipedia Education Program, the brochures provide a blueprint for how to incorporate Wikipedia assignments into university curricula.
A new brochure, titled “Instructor Basics: How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool“, is now available from the Wikimedia Foundation and on Wikimedia Commons. This brochure covers key Wikipedia policies and structures that are important for educators wanting to incorporate a Wikipedia assignment to understand. The brochure also shows best practices on article selection and working with the community, and sample grading rubrics.
The second brochure in the series is a sample syllabus provided for instructors interested in having their students write Wikipedia articles as part of the course curriculum. This brochure has been updated based on recommendations from more instructors who have participated in the Wikipedia Education Program and feedback from the Wikipedia community. The new version provides a week-by-week breakdown of how you can incorporate a “write a Wikipedia article” assignment into your classes. It includes some key milestones that have proven effective at ensuring that students derive the greatest educational benefits from editing Wikipedia.
The Syllabus cover
“The Syllabus: A 12-week assignment to write a Wikipedia article” can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons.

Finally, a Case Studies brochure offers examples of assignment types that professors around the world have used, as well as suggestions on how to grade assignments.
All three brochures are available under free licenses from Wikimedia Commons, and source files are available via email so you can translate the brochures into other languages. The Case Studies brochure, which was released earlier this year, has already been translated into several languages.
The brochures are produced as part of the Wikipedia Education Program, where volunteers support professors who are interested in assigning their students to contribute to Wikipedia. Education programs are in operation in 25 countries around the world.
LiAnna Davis
Wikipedia Education Program Communications Manager

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