Hovercards now available as a Beta Feature on all Wikimedia wikis

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File:Hovercards feature in action on a wiki.png
Hovercards presents a summary of an article when you hover a link.

Have you ever quickly looked up an article on Wikipedia, gotten all caught up in the fun of reading, then suddenly realized that three hours had passed and you’re now reading a series of articles about totally different topics? The folks at xkcd certainly have. And now, we’ve got just the feature for you.
Hovercards provides the casual reader with a streamlined browsing experience. Whenever you hover over a link to another article, a short summary of the article and a relevant image is provided to you so you can make the decision about whether you want to read the full article. And, as of today, the feature is live for testing as a Beta Feature on all Wikimedia wikis.
Inspired by the Navigation Popups (NavPopups) gadget used by many of our experienced editors, Hovercards take the idea of NavPopups and modifies it to be suitable to casual readers. The design is minimalistic, presenting only the information which interests casual readers: the lead paragraph and first image of the article they’re interested in browsing to.
To enable Hovercards, simply log in, click the “Beta” link at the top right of your page and tick the box next to Hovercards. As its placement in the Beta tab suggests, the feature is still under active development, so we’d appreciate any feedback you have. You can give us feedback by writing on the talk page of the feature.
We hope you like using Hovercards!
Vibha Bamba, Dan Garry, Prateek Saxena, Nick Wilson
Wikimedia Foundation

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Just enabled it, cool feature. Would be useful to pull in some infobox data to give a better at-a-glance summary. That is, if we still have infoboxes, or are we still deleting them to funnel readers into our purple prose?

What is the difference between “a gadget” (nav popups), and a “beta feature” (hovercards) ?

@hahnchen: I don’t think it would be feasible to extract /just some/ infobox data. That would be a case of all-or-nothing (with “all” being way too much quantity, for the purpose of Hovercards).
@name: Abstractly, Gadgets are per-wiki (though occasionally shared cross-wiki) and are only available for logged-in users. BetaFeatures are for testing new functionalities that are intended to become a global or multi-wiki default.
Specifically: Navpopups are for editors, Hovercards are for readers.