Revamped Wikipedia app now available on Android

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The Main Page of the English Wikipedia on the new Android app.

If you love Wikipedia and have an Android phone, you’re in for a treat! Today we’ve released a revamped Wikipedia for Android app, now available on Google Play.
Our new app is native from the ground up, making it the fastest way to experience Wikipedia on a phone. For the first release, we’ve focussed on creating a great browsing and reading experience. Whether you’re looking up a specific fact or looking to spend a day learning a new topic, our search and table of contents features get you to the information you need, quickly and intuitively. We’re also offering the ability to edit in the app, so you can help make Wikipedia better for billions of readers around the world.

What features are included?

  • Speed – Our new, native app allows you to browse and edit Wikipedia faster than ever before.
  • Editing – You can edit Wikipedia on the app. Logged in or logged out, we thank you for all your contributions.
  • Recent pages – We provide you with your reading history, so you can tap as many links as you like without ever getting lost.
  • Saved pages – You can save select pages for offline reading and browse them even when you don’t have a data connection.
  • Share – Use your existing social networking apps to share in the sum of all human knowledge.
  • Language support – The app allows you to seamlessly switch to reading Wikipedia written in any language.
  • Wikipedia Zero – We’ve partnered with cellular carriers around the world to provide Wikipedia free of data charges to users in many developing areas.

Coming soon

  • Night mode – We’ve gotten lots of great beta user feedback; one feature people love is reading Wikipedia in darker environments. The inverted colour scheme offered by night mode will make that much easier.
  • Discussions – Talk pages are an important part of Wikipedia for both new users and experienced editors alike. We’re bringing them to the app.

This release is just the beginning! We’re still working hard on creating new features to make the app the best Wikipedia reading and editing experience out there. Whether you’re a long-time user of Wikipedia on Android or are brand new to the app, give it a spin and let us know what you think. This is just the first step; we hope this app will grow with us, and we’re excited to have our community help us evolve it.
Please help us improve this app by sending a note to our mailing list,, or writing a comment here.
Thank you!
Dan Garry, 
Associate Product Manager, Mobile Apps

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[…] commencer par le fait que l’application est désormais native, comme l’a annoncé la Wikimedia Foundation qui clame ainsi une vitesse accrue pour lire des articles… mais aussi […]

What does it mean when you say that Wikipedia Zero is an included feature? Does that mean that Wikipedia Zero was not available through the app earlier?
John Andersson

This is terrible! Before if I wanted to look up a section of an article (like the economy of Laredo) I could go to the site and expand the area of interest. Now I have to scroll endlessly to find it. Why did you get rid of the collapsible sections?

@trumwill: All the sections are in the second menu from right in top of the app. Very handy.

What happened to quick search bar integration?