New Wikimedia Foundation report on activities in 2014

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The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the top sites on the web, with only two hundred employees. Our new report outlines what we accomplished together in 2014. Staff photo by Myleen Hollero, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0.
Staff photo by Myleen Hollero, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Today the Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to release a report on the State of the Wikimedia Foundation for the 2014 calendar year. The report provides a snapshot view of the Foundation’s major initiatives and considerations during that period. It also offers a baseline assessment of key efforts made by internal Foundation departments, with an emphasis on data-based results, project impact, challenges, and how our work supports our mission.
We developed this report as part of an organizational effort to align around the opportunities and challenges ahead of the Wikimedia Foundation and broader Wikimedia movement. Gaining a clear understanding of our activities today is a critical first step toward the development of a strategic vision for the future. A shared understanding empowers the Foundation and Wikimedia community to make more informed decisions about how we work to further our mission.
The report is based on information shared by various departments and teams throughout the Foundation. Each team reported on achievements and challenges from 2014. They took a fresh, candid look at where the Wikimedia Foundation is currently—and where we are headed. As such, this report is designed as a standalone product, and is not intended to replace other regular reporting and planning processes, such as the Annual Plan, Quarterly Reports, or the Annual Report.
The report is divided into eight sections, each of which covers a specific department or team within the Foundation. It includes a team overview (About), a summary of the team’s work during the year (2014: Overview), a summary of key initiatives (Key Efforts), a summary of challenges identified throughout the year (Considerations), and a look into 2015 work (2015: The year ahead).
The report also highlights the Wikimedia Foundation’s internal 2015 Call to Action, a set of actions for Foundation staff to focus the organization around immediate and long-term opportunities in the 2015 calendar year.
These Call to Action objectives emerged from initial strategy conversations, as a way to help focus the Wikimedia Foundation and set priorities for the upcoming year. The various points of the Call to Action reflect the Foundation’s commitment to improve the processes by which we do our work, build relationships with our communities, and explore new ways in which we might expand free knowledge. Our goal is to reinforce the core of the Wikimedia Foundation and set the state for future innovation.
The full State of the Wikimedia Foundation report is available as a wiki here and on Wikimedia Commons here.
Juliet Barbara, Senior Communications Manager, Wikimedia Foundation
Katherine Maher, Chief Communications Officer, Wikimedia Foundation
Heather Walls, Communications Design Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

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