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The new Wikipedia store now features many new items, such as plantable "sprout" pencils and more T-shirt designs.Photo by  Mun May Tee-Galloway, CC BY-SA 4.0. The new Wikipedia store now features many new items, such as plantable “sprout” pencils and more T-shirt designs. Photo by Mun May Tee-Galloway, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Welcome to your brand new Wikipedia store!
We closed doors temporarily for a few months to re-think our structure and visual identity, but we are back with amazing new items. We kept all the bestsellers and added new and socially responsible items that will promote our mission and remind our supporters of the great work by all the volunteers who build Wikipedia and its sister projects.
Every time you purchase an item from the Wikipedia store, the proceeds go back to the community and reward our outstanding contributors. The t-shirt you purchase today will help support the sum of all human knowledge remain free, independent, and accessible to everyone on the planet.
We have also started to collaborate with new vendors, designers and artists with compatible visions to create meaningful merchandise for our users. Soon you will see more creative representations of Wikipedia and its sister projects from these collaborations. These new designs aim to motivate you and people around you, to help spread knowledge through the Wikimedia projects.
Take a look at our new, inspiring items:

  • “Free knowledge t-shirt”.  Knowledge should cost this: nothing  zip, nada, zero. The Free knowledge shirt comes as Catherine DiMalla’s representation of Wikipedia. Catherine collaborated with Wikimedia to create a typographic and ornamental illustration that draws visual parallels between the first mass printed texts — the Gutenberg Bible, for example — and the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission to make all knowledge accessible to all people at zero cost.

 “ Rabbit hole” t-shirt. Photo by Mun May Tee-Galloway, CC BY-SA 4.0.
“Free Knowledge t-shirt”. Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar, CC BY-SA 4.0.

  • “ Rabbit hole” t-shirt: Have you ever searched Wikipedia with a subject in mind, only to find yourself spending hours reading about something completely different?  This design represents the joy of falling down the (knowledge) rabbit hole, a quintessential Wikipedia experience.  You get almost hypnotised with the information you discover by clicking the familiar blue links on Wikipedia. Glenn Newcomer, an artist and designer from the “mossy” city of Olympia, succinctly captures this experience by blending both commercial and artistic  elements from his clients on this shirt: coffee, music, cycling, fly fishing and the fine arts are all represented. Fall down your own rabbit hole – it’s amazing what you’ll discover!

Plantable "Sprout" pencils. Photo by Mun May Tee-Galloway, CC BY-SA 4.0. Plantable “Sprout” pencils. Photo by Mun May Tee-Galloway, CC BY-SA 4.0.

  • Plantable “Sprout” pencils:  A pencil that gives itself until its last length. Sprout pencils can be used as regular pencils, but when they become too short to write, they can be planted  – and who says knowledge can’t grow on trees? These were designed by MIT students and come carved with the Wikipedia core content policies  you can keep in mind while editing Wikipedia.

  • Scout Books: These notebooks are made of 100% recycled and sourced paper from Portland, Oregon. Supporting domestic paper mills strengthens our local economies. All Scout Books are printed with vegetable-based inks made from plant oils like safflower, soy, corn and canola. Combine them with Plantable Sprout pencils to write down your own notes — and jot down ideas for edits you’d like to make on Wikipedia!

  • Baby onesies: to support our newly born Wikipedians. Wikipedia was introduced to the world with the optimistic friendly words, ‘hello world’! Now you can share the same enthusiasm and joy with our ‘hello world’ onesie.

Spread the word about the Wikipedia store! The store is engaged in giveaway programs rewarding volunteers, supporting edit-a-thons and hack-a-thons, along with other community conferences.  As usual, all sales support and reward contributors all over the world.
We invite you to browse the store and support the community with your purchase!
Victoria Shchepakina, Wikimedia Foundation
Michael Guss, Wikimedia Foundation

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