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Take part in the Menu Challenge between May 8 and 27! Image by Offnfopt, CC0 1.0.

Sometime when you travel you end up ordering food that is, well, not what you expected. I myself ended up ordering a big plate of cow stomach with fries in Rome a few years ago, mistaking the sign language from the waiter and believing that I would get me some ribs. For me, this was mostly a fun experience, but for people wanting food that is vegetarian, vegan, halal or kosher, or that simply are a bit picky with what they eat, ordering food during travels can be tricky. It’s time to take our menus to the 21st century and learn some new glossaries and better pronunciation on the way!

Wikimedia Sverige is now organizing the first ever (we think so at least) contest focusing on enriching Wikidata. This time we are aiming at a list of vegetables, meat, fruits and other ingredients and cooking related terms that 30 restaurants will be serving at a food festival in Stockholm, Sweden in June. Wikimedia Sverige will be there to highlight how open data and crowdsourcing can benefit nearly every aspect of society. We will be using the great made-up restaurant menu that was developed by User:Denny a little more than a year ago.

When we were thinking about how to show off what Wikidata can do, we stumbled upon this menu and thought: why not put this to the test and try the menu out in the real world? With real restaurants and real menus used by real customers. But what would be needed for the digital menu to be useful for people? What added benefit could it create? We figured that the menus would be very interesting if we could add more languages and the possibility to include images and pronunciation recordings. The Menu Challenge is designed to create that added value!

The Menu Challenge will be based around translations of the Wikidata labels, adding images and pronunciation audio to the items of the ingredients. The Challenge will take place between May 8 and 27.

Please help us prepare the menu by translating all the ingredients and the dishes to your language and by photographing and recording as much as possible. With this menu, we can show how Wikidata could be used in a hands-on way by people who never before thought about open data. Let’s get some #tastydata!

John Andersson, Project Manager, Wikimedia Sverige

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Now there is also hourly updated statistics on the progress:

This given information regarding Testydata is of utmost help.

Very good information about Testydata..

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Good Tasty Data

Good Informative Post. Thanks Wikimedia Teams 🙂

great news from wikimedia. nice read.

Wikimedia Sverige is now organizing the first ever (we think so at least) contest focusing on enriching Wikidata. Great !!

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Good Job & Good Informative Post. Thanks Wikimedia Teams 🙂