Wikimedia Foundation Quarterly Report, January-March 2015

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The Wikimedia Foundation’s report for last quarter gives an overview of how we fared on 130 goals by 32 different teams, alongside some key overall metrics.
Download the PDF version (1 MB) or read it as a wiki page.

The Wikimedia Foundation’s quarterly report for the third quarter of the 2014/15 fiscal year (January-March) has been published as a PDF on Wikimedia Commmons and is now also as a wiki page.

Wikimedia Foundation Quarterly Report, FY 2014-15 Q3 (January-March).pdf

This is the second report since we switched from a monthly cycle, to align with our quarterly goal setting process. The report’s purpose is to help our movement and supporters understand how we spend our time, and what we accomplish; in this version, we made several changes that focus more on results and achievements.

One major difference is that goals are counted as either a success (green) or a miss (red, even if they were only missed narrowly – no “yellow”). Also, this report is now a comprehensive overview of all our Q3 objectives, rather than a subset of the quarter’s goals, as delivered in the Q2 report. In a mature 90-day goal-setting process, the “sweet spot” is for about 75% of goals to be a success. Organizations that are meeting 100% of their goals are not typically setting aggressive goals. To reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into producing this report, we are re-using information from the Quarterly Review Meeting documentation.

In this report, you will also find a couple of new pieces of data. The overview slide shows the status of all 130 goals from Q3 on a single page, broken down by department. Additionally we have been able to include site speed metrics as part of our overall report card, and improve the design of the report a bit.

The report’s format is still evolving (as is the quarterly goals review process), and we welcome feedback here in the comments or on Meta-wiki.

Terence Gilbey, Chief Operating Officer, Wikimedia Foundation

Tilman Bayer, Senior Analyst, Wikimedia Foundation

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Thank you for sharing this, I like this new format very much.
Repeating some questions asked privately earlier: What is happening in areas where all or almost all goals were missed? What does it mean that there is only one goal for all of legal?