Wikimedia project milestones: Swedish Wikipedia hits 2 million articles

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The featured image when the Swedish Wikipedia hit two million articles—a springbok. Image by Yathin S Krishnappa, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.
This blog post is the first in a series celebrating milestones across all Wikimedia projects.
The Swedish Wikipedia hit two million articles on September 5, only the second language edition of Wikipedia to reach this milestone. The final stretch was celebrated with a custom-made globe icon, as has become something of a Wikipedia tradition. The two millionth article was “Iro (mountain)“, one of many bot-created articles created in the weeks leading up to the milestone; it documents a 1061m-tall mountain in South Sudan.
Jan Ainali, of Wikimedia Sverige, says that the community is aware of the role of bots in getting to this milestone, but that it is still to be celebrated. “The community is aware of the special case that [the Swedish Wikipedia] is,” he says. “That being said, most are quite happy that the Swedish version is able to serve so much content, and that the feat that Lsj [the creator of Lsjbot] has achieved is huge.”
The Urdu Wikipedia community made serious headway on its goal of 100,000 articles, reaching the 80,000 article milestone on September 9. The Armenian Wiktionary has doubled in size in just five months, and is now at over 90,000 entries.
You can read all of the Wikimedia project milestones, and get more information, on the Wikimedia News page on Meta-Wiki.

Other selected milestones

September 22
The Swahili Wikipedia has reached 30,000 articles.
September 19
The Armenian Wiktionary has reached 90,000 entries, having doubled in size since April of this year.
September 17
The Oriya Wikisource has reached 200 text units.
The wiki for Wikimedia Estonia has been moved from to
September 14
The Cantonese Wikipedia has reached 40,000 articles.
September 10
The Serbian Wiktionary has reached 30,000 entries.
September 9
The Urdu Wikipedia has reached 80,000 articles.
September 7
The Kyrgyz Wikipedia has reached 40,000 articles.
The Serbian Wiktionary has reached 20,000 entries.
September 6
The Malayalam Wikipedia has reached 40,000 articles.
September 5
The Swedish Wikipedia has reached 2,000,000 articles.
September 3
A new interwiki prefix, policy:, has been added to the interwiki map, for linking to the new Wikimedia Public Policy website.
September 2
The Min Nan Wikipedia has reached 40,000 articles.
Joe Sutherland, Communications intern, Wikimedia Foundation

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Armenian Wiktionary has doubled in size thanks to the Wikipedia Education Program successfully run by Wikimedia Armenia. Thanks to the students now we have a high quality wiktionary! 🙂

Interesting. Allow me some serious questions, what is the “milestone” of nearly 2 Mio. auto-generated (via bot) articles when Wikipedia wants to be the biggest human edited encyclopedia worldwide? Why does Wikipedia have different standards within each language? For e.g. Sweden has 10 Mio. Inhabitants, and Germany has 81 Mio. Inhabitants, but they only have 1.8 Mio. articles? Is this a new trend and why is there no warning on the article that it’s auto-generated and could contain errors (not that human generated articles cannot contain errors to be precise)? Compared to food it’s like you wanna sell me a… Read more »

Marco 漢堡包: Where does “the biggest human edited encyclopedia” come from, and what makes you think Lsj, the person behind Lsjbot, is not a human? On SvWP there has been a lot of discussions about this, and if you run through your translation engine of choice you can see some of it. One of the results of the discussion was to include a template in bot created articles,, to allow for editors to easily find and review them and for readers to see that they are automatically created. The code Lsjbot uses can be translated to other languages… Read more »