“Wikipedia, women, indigenous languages and ancestral knowledge from the global south in the Colombian context” – second project workshop report

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ISUR and Wikimedistas de Colombia hosted a workshop on August 24th and 25th in Maicao, Guajira. This workshop takes place within the framework of the project “Wikipedia, women, indigenous languages, ancestral knowledge from the global south“. In this workshop we met Wayuu women leaders along with members of Fundacion Karisma, Wikimedia Colombia and ISUR.

We have several activities, one entitled “Weaving the network”, in which we talk about roles and objectives individually but also in groups and from communities and organizations. We also had a collective discussion regarding the policies and pillars of contribution to Wikiakuaipa (Wikipedia in Wayuunaiki) among which we found: to have reliable sources as referents; to respect the perception of all the people who participate; verification of the information; nobody is the owner of the truth; and we were wrong but we tried.


The next module was information management for the construction of articles. In this space the presentation was made on what is an information source and how to identify it in order to establish support for the information that would be included in the articles of the encyclopedia. A description was made of the different supports in which information could be found, the informative levels and their level of specialization.


The colleagues of Wikimedia Venezuela participated through a presentation in which they told us how Wikipedia started in Wayuunaiki, which actors were behind it and in principle what the objective was. Similarly, there was an editing exercise that focused on the review of the article on Ramon Paz Ipuana.

Karisma Foundation offered a workshop on digital security. Through the “barometer” activity, the objective was to highlight the perceptions of the participants around elements of privacy and security of the information, applications and devices they use on a daily basis. At the end of the session we reviewed one by one 10 digital security tips and frequently asked questions.


On the second day we worked on the module for reading, writing and using Wayuunaiki on the internet. First, we did the planning and schematization of articles for Wikiikuapa (Wayuunaiki’s Wikipedia) The editors wrote about Laülaka Kolompia, pütchi jeketükalü, arülejaa, emi’iraa, among others.


By the way, if you want to know more about our project, our Wayuu publishers, and more news of the project, you can write us, leave questions and follow our publications.


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