Tech News 2020/21

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Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community. Please tell other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available.

Recent changes

  • If you forget your password you can ask for a new one to be sent to your email address. You need to know your email address or your username. You can choose that you need to enter both your email address and your username. This is a preference. This is to get fewer password reset emails someone else asked for. This is now available on all Wikimedia wikis. [1][2]


  • There is a bug that creates problems for iPhone users with iOS 13 and Safari. If you use an iPhone to read or edit Wikipedia and see bugs on the mobile site you can report them[3]
  • Several wikis including Wikidata will be on read-only for a few minutes on 19 May. This will happen around 05:00 UTC. English Wikipedia will be on read-only for a few minutes on 21 May 05:00 UTC. This is for database maintenance. [4][5]

Changes later this week

Future changes

  • Graphs will be rendered in the reader’s browser. This will use Javascript. Graphs will hopefully work better for everyone who uses Javascript. It will not work for users who don’t use Javascript. This will not affect diagrams in image files. [7]
  • Advanced item Some CSS for the skins has been simplified. This affects div#p-personaldiv#p-navigationdiv#p-interactiondiv#p-tbdiv#p-langdiv#p-namespacesdiv#p-variants and div#footer. They will have to remove div. You will have to update your gadgets, scripts or user styles. This is so we can use HTML5[8]
  • Advanced item Some CSS for the Vector skin has been changed. This affects #p-variants#p-namespaces#p-personal#p-views and #p-cactions. They can no longer use > ul. You might need to update your gadgets, scripts or user styles. See how.

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